When in doubt … Use json-diff

The original quote by the legendary Ken Thompson goes something like this“When in doubt use brute force.” One possible meaning that can be derived from this quote is that when you are trying to do something clever and you don’t know if/how it works – you need something very simple, core and brute-force to check if your clever solution works or […]

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Are we Dogfooding?

Now what is Dogfooding? In the tech industry it is called as “the use of one’s own products“. The term “Dogfooding” is used to describe the companies using their own products. The idea is that by being a user, the company will find issues with products and improve their overall experience. It is a decision […]

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My Promise is to Cache your data!

Promises have had a very boilerplate filled history with generic libraries and browser standards. With react hooks being in the mix, everything is about abstracting stuff out to make things simpler.  What is the traditional way to call API and Cache Data? In the traditional way, we are forced to work with too much boilerplate […]

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Pair Programming: A Practical View

Modelling software development process has been evolving for decades. In this process of evolution, many models have become obsolete, while few served as stepping stones to models we use even today. If you have an idea of Agile, this article will make sense to you. XP(Extreme Programming), FDD(Feature Driven Development), Scrum, AM(Agile Modelling) all these […]

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VR first!

Is VR going to change the way we consume web content? Virtual reality will alter the way we experience and interact with technology. WebVR has the potential to revolutionize the way we use the web. It allows users to experience VR through a web browser. We can say that the future belongs to immersive experiences.And […]

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