UI-licious for Automation

27 Apr 2020
3 min read

What is UI-licious?

To make sure our application delivers value to our users, always – UI-licious is a complete solution for teams to rapidly set up end-to-end user journey tests and continuously monitor their web application.

It’s a simple and robust tool for automating interactions with modern web applications. Quite useful to test our web applications to make sure that our users aren’t running into unexpected errors in critical user flows like when they are registering or checking out their order.

Sounds interesting now?

Well … don’t worry about the wizardry that goes on underneath your web pages. Just write your tests as if you are telling your mom how to log into Facebook over the phone.

// It's (almost!) like plain english
I.fill("Email", "XXXX");
I.fill("Password", "XXXXX");

It can be easily validated and maintained, and agnostic to whatever HTML code is written – so that tests are more robust, future-proof, and reusable.

Resolve issues swiftly with complete and actionable test results

  • Send your developers a replayable test report with all the information they need to reproduce the error and swiftly fix it.
  • Screenshots are automatically captured for every step to help developers quickly see what’s happening.

Monitor your app continuously and get alerts when something breaks

  • See everything that matters in your dashboard.
  • Schedule jobs to run tests automatically.
  • Get alerts via email, Slack or webhooks when there’s a problem.

It can be a powerful tool if you can code:

UI-licious runs JavaScript underneath, this lets you do things like this:

// Use variables...
var email = "test@example.com";

// and functions...
function getPassword(){
    return ["my", "super", "secret", "password"].join('');

// in your test scripts!
I.fill("Email", email);
I.fill("Password", getPassword());

Use it for <insert front-end framework>:

ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, Polymer, VanillaJS, just name it!

List of a few major commands:

Assertion commands
Form input commands
Mouse commands
Keyboard commands
Validate page content
Alert commands
Utility commands
Reporting commands
Limiting test scope
Execute Javascript
Cookie management

We can run cross-browser compatibility tests with great customization options like browser type – Supported browsers: IE, Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari.

Snapshots captured by Tool as a ‘Result’:

Zoom UI1.png
UI 1
Zoom ui2.png
UI 2
Zoom ui3.png
UI 3

We can automate almost the entire shaadi.com site with this tool, which provides Javascript execution.

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