From Testing to Development

A programmer’s journey from breaking things to making them. Who believes “When in doubt, choose change!” Writing code is power…  Change is not easy. It takes a great deal of discipline, motivation, inspiration, and most importantly courage. I come from a Quality Assurance background and now develop code. And I hope these tips will be […]

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Are we Dogfooding?

Now what is Dogfooding? In the tech industry it is called as “the use of one’s own products“. The term “Dogfooding” is used to describe the companies using their own products. The idea is that by being a user, the company will find issues with products and improve their overall experience. It is a decision […]

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Pair Programming: A Practical View

Modelling software development process has been evolving for decades. In this process of evolution, many models have become obsolete, while few served as stepping stones to models we use even today. If you have an idea of Agile, this article will make sense to you. XP(Extreme Programming), FDD(Feature Driven Development), Scrum, AM(Agile Modelling) all these […]

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Journey from Screen to Screen

You might have seen posts on the internet titled “Only 90s kid will understand”. And you might think that that kind of nostalgia might make sense to only 90s kids. I am talking about stuff like Tape-Recorders, VCRs, Pepsi etc. Well this kind of emotional connect that we have to forgotten artifacts stuff isn’t just limited to […]

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I was not ready to TDD

It’s been more than 13 years I’ve spent writing software as an engineer. And I had always felt intimidated by the thought of writing tests before I wrote code that made those tests pass. When I joined the React team at shaadi.com, everyone was already writing tests. But nobody was writing tests first. So I […]

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