Efficient way to use Google search engine.

12 Jul 2022
2 min read

These days Google search results have become a significant part of our daily work.

Sometimes we have to search or find results according to our specific question. However, we don’t get the answer in the first keyword search, maybe because most people didn’t even know that there are some efficient ways by which they get the required results without searching multiple times.

Most common search: Trying to find the solution of any bug/IDE issue and not able to get any perfect workable solution? Every happened?
So here are a few correct ways to search on Google. If you remember this, maybe it’ll save you some time and troubleūüėÖ

1. When you want to find the exact-match search, Use the text inside the quotes¬†¬† “__” .
2. If you have two or more terms to search, try with  AND  operator, It will return only results that contain both the terms:
3. When you want the result related to one of either term, You can use  OR  operator between the terms.
4. The  РThe operator will exclude the results that contain a term or phrase:
5. Search for content on a single website only.  Search it like this,  site: sitename.com
6. Add define before searching any word to get the meaning of it.
7. What if we have to find the result in a specific file format, it can be pdf, doc or xls, ppt, etc.
   Type filetype: doc followed by the search term.
8. If we have the timeframe, we can use the¬†“‚Ķ”¬†keyword to filter the result between those years.
  the search would look like,  IPL winners 2008…2022

Engineers like to have fun too, so these are some words that you can search on google, and you’ll get exciting results.
–¬†Askew: Your screen will tilt,
РWant to see the user experience from 1998, search: Google in 1998
–¬†Do a barrel roll:¬†The screen will rotate to 360 degrees.
– The answer to life, the universe, and everything: You’ll get an exciting result 42.
Google Search is a potent search tool. If you use the search correctly, you can find anything and everything you could ever need on the world wide web.
Feel free to let me know more interesting ways to search on Google.